October 4, 2017


At our heart, Sabyr is a consulting company, and we want to empower our users and give them a strong sense of ownership in the IT process. Check out our free resources to get a better picture of our mindset as well as our offerings.

Deweyville ISD Covid WiFiCheck out this case study on solving the problem of online education during the COVID-19 epidemic
Juniper in K12See why Juniper is taking the K12 market by storm
Building Robust NetworksA quick overview of considerations to keep in mind when planning network upgrades

Sabyr YouTube Channel (LINK)


A fun part of IT is sharing experiences and ideas.  Most of these videos will be short tutorials demonstrating a particular concept for technology, but we will also include longer videos that are designed to cover a wider concept.

NEW: CCNP TSHOOT IPv6 Topology Overview

Configuring Windows Firewall with Group Policy

Ransomware Prevention and Recovery

Juniper and Cisco OSPF MD5 Authentication