October 4, 2017


At our heart, Sabyr is a consulting company, and we want to empower our users and give them a strong sense of ownership in the IT process. Check out our free resources to get a better picture of our mindset as well as our offerings.

Deweyville ISD Covid WiFiCheck out this case study on solving the problem of online education during the COVID-19 epidemic
Building Robust NetworksA quick overview of considerations to keep in mind when planning network upgrades

Sabyr YouTube Channel (LINK)


A fun part of IT is sharing experiences and ideas.  Most of these videos will be short tutorials demonstrating a particular concept for technology, but we will also include longer videos that are designed to cover a wider concept.

NEW: CCNP TSHOOT IPv6 Topology Overview

Configuring Windows Firewall with Group Policy

Ransomware Prevention and Recovery

Juniper and Cisco OSPF MD5 Authentication