October 10, 2017

Why Juniper is Great for K12

Starting out primarily as a service provider networking company, Juniper Networks has made significant progress in enterprise networking and security. In recent years, many school districts and universities in Texas have made the transition to Juniper as their provider for core networking services. Continue reading to learn some of the reasons Juniper has been so successful in the K12 market.

You cannot sacrifice performance and reliability when it comes to something as critical as network infrastructure. Juniper’s enterprise routing, switching, and security platform is robust enough to handle the most demanding network performance requirements, and they do so at a significantly reduced cost when compared to other leaders in the networking field. Juniper’s platform includes all of the standard networking technologies and security features organizations require, so price does not come at the cost of loss of features.

Core Business Focus
While other networking vendors divide their resources across a range of products, Juniper’s core focus is strictly networking. JunOS, their modular, unix-based operating system, is the same across their routers, switches, and next-generation firewalls. JunOS has many intuitive features that make it a very unique and robust network operating system. A few highlights include the ability easily rollback to previous configurations, the ability to review network changes before committing them to the live network, and its flexible, modular design structure makes configuration, verification, and troubleshooting very intuitive. Additionally, Juniper has a greatly simplified licensing and feature set portfolio, meaning that schools get the core networking features they need without having to worry about expensive and sometimes confusing feature upgrades.

One serious concern schools face when considering the switch to Juniper is re-training their network team for JunOS. Juniper understands this, so they have made the transition from other network vendors to Juniper as streamlined as possible. Additionally, Sabyr Consulting is also a training company whose engineering team is certified both in Cisco and Juniper. Talk to us about your training needs and we can prepare on-premise of instruction to help your team be able to handle day to day management activities.

Open Architecture and Automation
Districts and organizations who try to avoid proprietary networking technologies will appreciate that Juniper uses only standards-based network technologies, so interoperation with other networking vendors is straightforward. Additionally, Juniper has been a pioneer in automating networking tasks, including the ability to use the Python programming language to configure switches as well as to trigger actions based upon events or thresholds.